Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Do you Wear Contact Lenses & are Prone to Pollen Allergy? Read why should you Avoid Eating Apples

It would be surprising to learn that apples along with some other fruits and vegetables make seasonal allergies go haywire. If you are prone to seasonal allergies you must take precautionary measures when wearing soft contact lenses. This being said, avoiding apples should be strictly considered.

Oral Allergy Syndrome & Contact Lenses

During spring & fall; pollen particles are found most suspended in the air. Since soft contact lenses allow partial permeation of oxygen to let your eyes breathe, some of the air irritants also find their way through contacts. When these allergens are trapped into the contact lenses; they make the seasonal allergies get worse. Doctors opine if you suffer from allergy; you probably are also a victim of “Oral Allergy Syndrome”. This refers to problem eating some fruits & vegetables. Blame pollen like protein found on the surfaces of apples, tomatoes, cantaloupes & other raw veggies/fruits.

If you have been sniffling & sneezing this season along with an itchy throat & sore mouth, you need to reconsider your decision of consuming these edibles. With contact lenses, allergens can make a whole lot of mess. Though glasses can be a rescue, some people would love to stick to their contact lenses for how handy they are over glasses. If contact lenses are unavoidable for you try disposable contact lenses to reduce the protein buildup.

Runny nose & itching red eyes have never been a fun combination. If you are prone to get flared up by allergens floating in the air, you need to learn the culprits that make your symptoms go worse. Contact lenses won’t be bothersome if you take care of disinfecting them & their cases regularly after each wear. Replace your contact lens cases every 3 months to stop the recurrence of the ocular infections. 

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