Friday, 15 May 2015

ICK Elegant Blue: Deep Strong Blue Lenses

These ravishing blue circle lenses look natural yet attention grabbing. ICK Elegant blue circle lenses are strong;y pigmented deep blue lenses that show up exhilaratingly against every eye color. They are vivid, striking & breathtaking.

ICK Elegant blue circle lenses are frayed at the limbal ring that ensure natural big eye looks. The transition is natural when worn against brown eyes but at light eyes, the natural color will show through. They possess a very simple pattern with a dotted design towards the pupil. The frayed limbal ring make these lenses an exclusive choice. 

ICK Elegant blue lenses adorn your eyes with an animated glare. They are perfect for cosplays and for formal/ casual events. For more pictures, kindly read ICK Elegant blue review

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