Thursday, 21 May 2015

7 Cardinal Rules of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses need meticulous care and handling with extra precautionary measures during the seasonal allergies. Though an average user of contact lenses stay vigilant about proper disinfection & zero exposure to foreign elements; they lack the underlying concept of personal hygiene. This forgetfulness can lead to several ailments; largely affecting the eyes. To stay prevented from parasitic or viral infections, you must not do the following with your contact lenses.

  1. Never touch your contact lenses without disinfecting your hands first.
  2. Never soak contact lenses in tap water, saliva, or eye drops.
  3. Never wear contact lenses when sleeping. Dozing off? Take your contact lenses out even when you decided to take a 20 minutes nap.
  4. Never mix your right & left lenses. Develop a habit of wearing the same lens every time to avoid mixing them up. Store your contact lenses in their respective chambers of the cases.
  5. Never forget to inspect contact lenses every time you insert them in eyes. An inverted contact lens looks like a saucer with edges falling out. Contrary to this, a contact lens should shape like a cup when you put it in with edges forming a decent brim.
  6. Never over wear contact lenses. Always read the label and strictly discard them off as they reach the expiry date. Never wear lenses for extended duration. Take them out after 6 hours every day.
  7. Never ignore the discomfort. If something is bothering you; get cautious. Take your contacts out and disinfect them once again with fresh solution. Re-wear & blink to see if the problem persists. Seek professional medical help if irritation or painful discharge continues. 

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