Friday, 22 May 2015

Red Velvet Ice Cream Makeup Tutorial with ICK Gaudy Blue & Brown Long Wig

These gorgeous blue circle lenses would never fail to impress you. The opacity of the design and the vibrant pattern make your eyes look meaningful. ICK Gaudy blue stands out vivaciously on dark brown eyes whereas the clear transition adds a factor of drama. These blue circle lenses portray stunning big eyes. The pattern and the lovely pastel hues play together to turn you into a glam doll. 

Makeup Tutorial:

The wig that is used in this Red Velvet Ice Cream Makeup tutorial is Ookami Ryoko cosplay wig that is 100 cm long. The color is breathtaking light brown and looks totally alluring. The wig is straight and is natural looking. The bangs come un-styled and should be trimmed once you are all set to wear it. 

For detailed review and the products used in the tutorial please go here

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