Friday, 29 May 2015

Anime Makeup Tutorial using Dolly Eye Crayon Blue Lenses

These vibrant blue circle lenses are luminescent enough to show up against dark brown/black eyes. The enlargement is very natural & subtle however the sparkling effect make your eyes shine like anime & manga characters. Dolly Eye Crayon blue adorn your eyes with a vivacious touch, full of innocence & youthfulness. 

Below is the makeup tutorial for creating awakened & surprising big eye looks using Dolly Eye Crayon blue circle lenses:

1. Put on contacts 
2. Add a natural brown or gray eye shadow around the outer areas of your eyes and apply eyeliner (preferably with a wing) I like to use pen eyeliner but others will work just fine.
3. Draw in eyebrows. I like to use an angled brush, eyeshadow, and pencil eyeliner to complete this look. Make sure to follow the direction of your eyebrows from in to out.
4. Apply false lashes close to your actual lashes with eye lash glue.

Makeup Tutorial by: 
Tiffany Tseng

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