Friday, 22 May 2015

Beuberry Lumie 3 Tones Brown with Sakura Chiyo Cosplay Wig

These exciting 3 tones orange circle lenses add dimensions to your eyes. Beuberry Lumie 3 Tones brown are very vivid and dramatic lenses that would show up strongly no matter what your eye color is. The orange hue surrounding the pupil hole helps these lenses blend and fuse naturally with your eye color. However, against light colored eyes they appear pale orange whilst allowing your natural eye color show through.

Beuberry Lumie 3 Tones brown create a blazing combination with Sakura Chiyo cosplay wig. The wig is fresh orange in color. This orange wig boasts thick fibers that adds a plus to it. It is synthetic yet free from any shine. Though the color is unworldly, due to quality fiber the wig looks natural & classy. 

For more pictures please read the review of both products and let us know what do you think.

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