Saturday, 9 May 2015

Geo Xtra Bella Brown & I.Fairy Casper Blue : Natural Looking Dolly Lenses

We are grateful to Cowbutt Crunchies for providing us the reviews of "Geo Xtra Bella brown" & I.Fairy Casper blue lenses. She shares her opinion as follows:

"I feel like these lenses could be used for anything: everyday wear, cute cosplay characters, or more sophisticated characters.  They’re really versitile, and while these are Hhhhammy’s lenses, I think I need to buy a pair for myself too.

Everything looks prettttty good on light eyes.  I was a little surprised because you can absolutely see through the center ring, and typically when this happens your natural iris color bleeds through in an jarring way.  However the color that does bleed through looks as though it has a brown tint to it, as though it’s a part of the design (see the above pics for a range of how the bleedthrough looks).  This is actually really cool, and I think adds to the enlargement effect because the opaque part of the lens looks so much darker than the center ring." Click to read more of Geo Xtra Bella brown review

About I.Fairy Casper blue; she says :

"Casper Blues are a royal blue color, with an awesome gold pattern close to the iris.  They’re really unique and fun to look at, especially in the case.  While on, that bold color does fade a little bit (at least on my eyes, which are blue), and I wish it was more obvious while being worn.  But they’re still definitely more interesting than your standard solid blue lenses.  In my experience these photograph either as a rich, dark blue, or as a blue-purple color.

On blue/light eyes these are still good for photos - no halo, and even when the iris shows through the center hole in bright light, the color blends in with the design.  When really close however, you can definitely see through the center hole"- Click to read more of I.Fairy Casper blue

The wig used in the above photos is Gray Fullbuster Fairy Tail wig. The wig is thick especially at the crown. Furthermore the bounce that the big boasts is exemplary as the roots are enough teased. The bounce can be added more to the wig just by shaking it. It is great for hair styles such as spikes.

"I’m really pleased with how thick and easy to style this wig is.  I would say, while the fiber is slightly different, it’s very comparable to a similar-styled wig I have from Epic Cosplay.  Black wigs are always useful in our house, and the extra length on this one makes it especially versatile."

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