Friday, 15 May 2015

Lens Story Cara Brown: Son Goku Cosplay

Son Goku is a demonic character with fierce eyes. The yellow/orange eyes complete his demonic looks for which you require Lens Story Cara brown circle lenses. These brown circle lenses rather fall towards the orange side. They are vibrant and feature two tones which make your eyes look catchy.

Lens Story Cara brown circle lenses posses a small pupil hole. This is why they are efficient enough in giving your eyes a uniform color even if you have an eye color different than brown. They are kind of opaque so they stand well against whatever eye color you possess. These circle lenses boast HUGE enlargement i.e. 16.5mm. "Despite the size, these lenses aren't uncomfortable at all! They hold 55% water content, which makes my eyes moist and it actually doesn't dry out fast (meaning: you can wear these lenses comfortably for quite a long time during a day without getting dry or tired eyes). "

"I honestly never have a reason to complain about the lenses I receive from UNIQSO! They are all incredibly comfortable and never stop to impress me with how pretty they look in real life! I really love this store and their service!"; says Lokeva in her Lens Story Cara brown review

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