Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I.Fairy Jewel Violet Circle Lenses against Dark Eyes

I.Fairy Jewel Violet circle lenses are dazzling dolly eye lenses. These lenses make your eyes pop out and ensures a shimmery effect. They brighten up your eyes for more attention. I.Fairy Jewel violet are two tones lenses with enlargement effect of 16.2mm diameter. They are perfect for cosplays or anime photo shoots. 

I.Fairy Jewel violet circle lenses create an impression of jewel embedded iris. They are very vivid & stand out perfectly against dark brown eyes. "- I love the color and the design! I’ve bought these circle lenses for my cosplay of Kirigiri from Danganronpa and it matches perfectly! The violet color is very vivid and really looks like two jewels in your eyes! The design is simple but still beautiful and natural. There are just two colors, violet and black but this is exactly what I wanted for my cosplay."

Review courtesy: Camilia Silveira

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