Friday, 6 February 2015

Totoro Cat Animal Onesie : Grey Kigurumi

Kigurumi costumes need no introduction. They are warm, soft & comfortable adult one-piece costumes with included PJs. Onesies are fun and adorable; especially famous in Japan, Kigurumi clothing is now getting quite popular in other parts of the world due to the warmth they provide. Grey Totoro Cat animal onesie features a hoodie displaying cat-face pattern and a tail just to add it a real touch of a sweet cat. 

"I love that about kigurumis like this one. It's incredibly comfy and warm, which is great now during winter when I keep catching colds and getting sick all the time. Also, the fabric quality is LOVELY and it looks super cute! This one is very practical, and even has a zipper at the... lower area, for bathroom visits. Haha! And it has a tail, that I just love", says Jackocalypse review of Totoro Kigurumi.

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