Friday, 13 February 2015

Create a Gradient Effect using Geo Xtra Bella Grey Lenses

Bright or light colored eyes can be made look alluring by adding a seducing gradient effect. Since every color on bright eyes seem to create a contrast; the outcome of "gradient effect" is usually out-standing. Geo Xtra Bella grey WBS205 lenses are natural looking with a bigger pupil hole that produce a soft & subtle gradient effect.

Geo Xtra Bella grey

Geo Xtra Bella grey fade from natural black to grey as they move towards pupil. The pattern is largely confined towards the limbal ring leaving quite much of the empty space for the pupil hole. These kind of circle lenses are in fact popular amount people with light colored eyes since they let the natural eye color peep through. 

They are perfect for daily routine where you need casual looks yet want to look at your best! Complete Geo Xtra Bella grey review

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