Thursday, 26 February 2015

3 Pink Circle Lenses that will Blow your Mind

Wearing pink circle lenses is relatively a new trend. The trend caught fire in past couple of years due to the anime characters flaunting beautiful & charismatic pink eyes. Pink circle lenses add a soft warm tone to your eyes that look bewitching. The spell-bounding patterns further create new horizons of beauty & enchantment for a magical and unworldly appearance.

Below are the three pairs of pink circle lenses that will blow your mind up!

I.Fairy Jewel Pink

Unlike other pink circle lenses they stay true pink in eyes. They stand out yet are nothing over-powering. I.Fairy Jewel pink circle lenses add a soft effect to your iris. The fuzzy limbal ring & a pattern composed of “Strokes” help them blending nicely with any of the eye color. They are bright & are good to achieve teary eye look. I.Fairy Jewel pink circle lenses are known for their breathtaking dolly enlargement.

Kimchi Bambi Pink

These pink circle lenses are extra ordinary lenses. The intricate pattern with narrow details along with the amalgamation of 3 whimsical tones set them apart from other pink lenses. Kimchi Bambi pink circle lenses are strongly opaque. They are very vivid, and ensure big eye awaken looks. They are very trendy and are popular for the feminine dolly touch they lure with!

I.Fairy Super Crystal Pink

These are super vivid, hot pink circle lenses. I.Fairy Super Crystal pink lenses are damn gorgeous since they are extremely vibrant & attention grabbing. They are enticing enough to catch tons of attention for you. I.Fairy Super Crystal pink makes your eyes sparkle & shine. They are perfect anime circle lenses as the enlargement is huge to demonstrate the characteristics of anime eyes. Very dolly, very vibrant & very exquisite!

Which pink circle lenses are your favorite?

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