Thursday, 26 February 2015

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Contact Lenses?

You might have been told earlier that you are not an ideal candidate for contact lenses.  This is nothing to however panic about. Contact lenses are constantly evolving & due to the latest innovations you can always try with new brands of contact lenses even if they had been a bad experience previously. Certain medications & medical conditions do restrict you wearing contact lenses such as allergies & using OCPs (Oral contraceptive pills. They might negatively affect contact lens tolerance. Yet, the endless opportunities allow you to switch between the brands in order to find the best match for your eyes.

People with certain medical conditions such as astigmatism, or dry eyes syndrome can improve their symptoms by effective management with contact lenses. Yes, it might be difficult; but being difficult does not mean being “impossible”. People with dry eyes can try wearing circle lenses with 48%- 55% water content and see if it makes any positive difference. Dry eyes include symptoms like gritty, scratchy or burning sensation on wearing contact lenses which can be reduced with medicated eye drops that are compliant to use with contact lenses.

People suffering from Astigmatism can wear Toric contact lenses. With latest advancements, contact lenses for complex ocular impairments have been engineered. With collaboration of Google, Novartis & Alcon Pharmaceuticals a new type of smart contact lenses for diabetics are being engineered. Furthermore, contact lenses for age-related macular degeneration will also be launched in near future to help elderly people zoom in and out with just a wink of an eye.

Contact lenses have seen huge advancements. The possibilities are endless. You only need to have a valid prescription at hand to get benefited through contact lenses. Also, regular follow-ups are recommended to rule out any underlying or hidden vision threats caused by bacterial accumulation. 

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