Thursday, 19 February 2015

Kimkardashian New Blue Circle Lenses

Kim likes surprising. Kim loves to blow her fans up. Her quirky moves with revealing outfits & provocative gestures always keep her in the limelight. Since Kim is the queen of fashion & fantasy; she is often observed trying new crazy looks. Whether it is about changing hair color to the funkiest hue ever or about getting herself a new eye color, Kim would go to any limits possible. New pictures of Kimkardashian have emerged on social media as she posted a photo wearing blue circle lenses at Instagram.

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Looks like Kim fancies blue circle lenses as earlier too she was spotted experimenting with green and blue circle lenses last year. Kim’s natural eye color is brown which she fakes through contact lenses & trust us; every time Kim inserts a new color in her eyes; she get us drooling crazy!

Wearing blue colored circle lenses, Kim captioned herself “Wolfie”. Perhaps, it’s the crazy vibrant blue hue of the contacts that made her think wild. Kim also posted a picture of her husband Kayne , who wore pastel blue circle lenses in a party.

To replicate Kim’s new look try Angel blue or Nudy blue circle lenses. These blue circle lenses are super blend-able yet much pigmented to stand out. Rock off the party & camwhore with Kim’s favorite eye color!

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