Tuesday, 3 February 2015

I-Codi Silver Grey Circle Lenses: New Exotic Range

These sparkling 3 tones grey lenses lift your soul up. I-Codi Silver grey contact lenses are deep and magical. The golden dust along with silver grey creates a whimsical impression. The beauty of these circle lenses lie in how they blend in and fade with the natural color of your eyes.

I-Codi Silver grey circle lenses are mesmerizing. The 15 mm subtle diameter enlarge your iris to the extent where it looks dolly yet naturally adorable. They feature a thin limbal ring whereas the simple pattern completes the exotic look. 

"The color is still very nice!  It looks stunning in flash photography.  These lens are a medium grey in natural light.  They cover up my dark brown eyes very well too.They're super comfortable to wear.  I worn them two times to school and they did not bother me at all. " 

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