Monday, 2 February 2015

Strong Blue Wig: Izumi Konata Cosplay Wig

Eccentric blue Lucky star wig
Get energetic blue hair of the "Lucky star" protagonist with Izumi Konata cosplay wig. The wig is pure electric blue which grabs attention. Izumi Konata cosplay wig is made up of 100% heat resistant synthetic fibers and is available for quick styling. 

Izumi Konata cosplay wig
The eccentric color of Izumi Konata cosplay wig is a distinguishing feature of this wig which definitely is striking. The wig is 100% cm long, straight silky and super light. Easy to carry & manage this long blue wig is more than perfect for cosplays & even for daily wears if you are lively at heart. Read more Izumi Konata wig review

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