Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Are Samples of Circle Lenses Safe to Use?

It is a general misconception that trial samples of contact lenses would help you making your mind about wearing contact lenses on regular basis. Consumers should not forget that contact lenses are medical devices that need attention & careful handling. Trial samples of contact lenses received from novelty shops, flea markets or beauty salons run the risk of infections that could possibly lead to permanent vision loss & eye damage.

Before making a decision about switching from glasses to contact lenses for vision problems, always visit your eye care practitioner. He is the only person to have your eyes tested & to assess the eye health. Some problem like dry eye syndrome or sensitive eyes would resist adjusting to contact lenses. Therefore, think about contact lenses only after receiving approval from your optometrist. Trial samples of contact lenses that are received anywhere else from the doctor are often counterfeit or expired. They are sourced from the China. These contact lenses are hub of bacteria & they even fade the tint that could trigger allergic response.

Contact lenses are prosthetic devices. The price range of FDA approved lenses varies from $22 and above. Anything that is lower than this should ring bells for you. Always avoid trial samples of contact lenses and be very conscious when you get them for free. Unless the source is authentic & credible don’t insert contact lenses received from a third source. 

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