Monday, 2 February 2015

Circle Lenses & Wig for Teenagers: I.Fairy Star Grey & Ombre Lolita Wig

Circle lenses, makeup and wigs go hand in hand. A great contrast can be created with wig and circle lenses when ingeniously paired. I.Fairy Star grey lenses & Ombre Lolita wig leave you doll-like. The energetic & lively colors add innocence & liberty to your style. They tend to make you look young and fresh.

I.Fairy Star grey circle lenses boast a very beautiful star-like pattern. The pupil hole is big to create a vibrant contrast with your natural eye color. They look fantastic against light colored eyes because of the striking pattern that seems to hug the limbal ring. 

Ombre Lolita wig BN on the other hand incorporates two different hues of brown and orange. The bright orange tone looks exhilarating against cocoa brown. The wig is straight & silky containing lots of hair fibers. It is easy to comb, since it is very soft & fluffy. The wig boast blunt bangs whereas the length is just 65 cm that keeps the wig easy to store & manage. 

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