Friday, 13 February 2015

My Last Try with Contact Lenses was a Disappointment. Should I try them again?

Lenses in the photo: I.Fairy Cara blue

Almost anyone on earth can wear contact lenses. Experts opine even the age doesn’t put you on restriction. The only thing that matters is “mental maturity”. Contact lenses have been a boon and are constantly evolving. If your last try with contact lenses shuddered badly, no problem. You can always check with them again as the possibilities with contact lenses are now endless due to the latest technology & innovation.

A study revealed in 2004 that above 125 million people in the world wear contact lenses. Not necessarily, circle lenses that you are trying out today will fit you tomorrow. Similarly, if you have had problems with contact lenses in the past even after several tries; you always have the option to try them again. With latest innovation, circle lenses have evolved tremendously making it easier for the patients to try from the different brands.

Contact lenses do need management as the seasons change. People with ocular allergies or sensitive eyes need to be a bit more concerned than other consumers. Circle lenses might pick lint, pollen or behave awkwardly when weather is freezing cold. These factors must not lead you to drop out wearing contact lenses. Fortunately, in most cases with proper monitoring & maintenance discomfort produced by wearing contact lenses can be reduced or totally alleviated.

Certain type of circle lenses might not however suit everyone-for instance, “sclera contact lenses” or other variations of crazy lenses that are opaque/strongly pigmented. These 22mm sclera lenses cover the entire eye and are only meant for theatrical performances.

Geolica Silicone Hydrogel Lenses
In case you want to try out circle lenses after the last failed try; we recommend you beginning the new venture with Geolica Eyevelyn Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses. They are made using advanced technology of silicone hydrogel material that offers higher oxygen permeability with increased moisture retention for maximum comfort.


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