Monday, 16 February 2015

3 Circle Lenses for Light Eyes that you would not want to Miss

Choosing circle lenses is an art as it involves several considerations from color to design & the enlargement effect. Circle lenses that look adorable on light eyes might not deliver exactly the same results against dark colored eyes. Therefore; before you experiment through different colored lenses, it is advised to try natural looking circle lenses that compliment your skin tone. Below we are sharing 3 whimsical circle lenses that look outstanding on light colored eyes by gradually fading into your iris giving a soft yet enhanced big eye look.

I.Fairy Star blue lenses create fanciful alluring looks. The bold outer intense black ring followed by fairy-like star pattern makes your eyes look unworldly & divine. They blend in naturally with light colored eyes and the contrast produced is simply worth dying for. The star pattern is more noticeable when worn against very light eyes. They do add sparkle to your eyes & make your eyes look dolly.

Although they are violet circle lenses; they look greysih blue against light colored eyes. They are perfect for parties & proms. Dolly Eye Jewel violet circle lenses have a fuzzy limbal ring that helps creating edgier looks. They blend in naturally and totally fade away as the design & color proceed towards the pupil.

These circle lenses brighten up light colored eyes and add a crazy pop to them. The enlargement effect is enticing. Beuberry Chariot green circle lenses look lime green against light colored eyes whereas the pattern is subtle enough to blend naturally. These lenses have a small pupil hole thus are perfect for those who does not appreciate the gradient effect.

Top Rated Circle Lenses for Light Eyes

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