Saturday, 21 February 2015

3 Eye Popping Circle Lenses for Brown Eyes that You wouldn't Want to Miss

More than 93% of the world population bears brown eyes. Being the most common eye color; circle lenses that make brown eyes starry, dolly & enticing always receive most of the attention. Circle lenses that equips brown eyes with fantasy & lure are pigmented enough to stand out yet are blend-able enough to stay natural.

Below are some of the hot-selling and super pigmented circle lenses for brown eyes.

Puffy 3 tones series need no introduction. They make your eyes bright & turn them dolly. The enlargement effect is whimsical whereas the outer limbal ring and their capacity of making your eyes pop out is worth falling for. They make your eyes stand out since the color is very bright & sparkling. These circle lenses make your eyes shine & charming to seduce any heart.

The other variant of Puffy 3 tones is grey that is a natural looking color for dark eyes. They add a glossy effect to brown eyes whilst making them look huge & cute. Barbie Puffy 3 tones grey circle lenses are strong enough to stand out yet natural enough to blend in. The yellow tint helps these lenses stay natural in dark eyes as the amalgamation of the three tones is neat & natural.

These blue circle lenses are very dramatic lenses for brown eyes. If you want a drama with a twist; get these lenses for yourself. The vivid electric blue hue of these lenses turn heads for you, as you make an entry in the public. 


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