Sunday, 8 February 2015

Nico Yazawa Cosplay using Cosplay Wig & I.Fairy Hanabi Red Lenses

Cosplay performances need dedication & devotion. Since anime characters are most cosplayed other than costume what you need more is a realistic pair of circle lenses. Circle lenses help you get into the complete transformation as they help you achieving bigger iris like those of the anime characters. To cosplay Nico Yazawa I.Fairy Hanabi red circle lenses are a perfect choice. These circle lenses are 16.2mm huge thus these can be relied upon to take care of that perfect pop & enlargement. 

I.Fairy Hanabi red lenses have a swirly pattern. The red is strong enough to make your eyes look whimsical & captivating. They make eyes sparkle & shine to finish up the novel look. Nico Yazawa wig is soft and jet black, featuring twin pig tails. The wig here used is actually for a cosplay Kagerou Project that has been brilliantly customized & trimmed to fit the  Nico Yazawa cosplay requirements.

If you are not pro at styling wigs, it is better to get your hands on Nico Yazawa actual cosplay wig. Have a look at Nico Yazawa cosplay for pictures & review

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