Tuesday, 24 February 2015

New Biotrue Hypergel Contact Lenses that Work Exactly Like Human Eyes

To reduce the contact lens dropout rate; Bauch+Lamb have launched new contact lenses that work exactly like human eyes. They are made from new technology & lens material that is known as “Hyper Gel”. Hyper gelcontact lenses allows 93% of oxygen transmission & match the water content with the cornea that keeps contact lenses comfortable in eyes.

Until now contact lenses made from Silicone hydrogel were considered the most comfortable lenses but experts opine that contact lens industry will see a new boost in upcoming years as these Hypergel contact lenses get common in the mass market. In a survey conducted regarding “Biotrue contact lenses”; 4:5 people opined that these contact lenses are better to wear than other ordinary content lenses since the water content is 78% that varies from 38% to maximum 55% percent in other soft contact lenses.

Biotrue contact lenses help avoid dehydration & dryness caused by the prolong wear of contact lenses. These contact lenses work exactly like human eyes, allow maximum oxygen transmission & retain moisture in your eyes to improve the wet-ability of the surface of eyes. These contact lenses were engineered for people under middle-age with vision impairments such as presbyopia & loss of focus.
The London based optician Wendi Sethi said that Biotrue hyper gel contact lenses cause only 2% of the water loss during an entire day. The new contacts cost between £40 and £60 a month, depending on individual practitioners’ prices. 

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