Monday, 23 February 2015

Natural Looking Blue Lenses: Geo Berry Cessy Blue

If you fancy circle lenses with bigger pupil holes & have light colored eyes; you should rush to get Geo Berry Cessy blue circle lenses. They are translucent blue circle lenses and are very blend-able. Geo Berry Cessy blue creates a lovely gradation when worn against light colored eyes as they allow your natural eye color to peep through.

These blue circle lenses with an enlargement effect of 14.2mm ensure soft and natural looks. They are nothing too vivid or overwhelming; thus are perfect to compliment your casual and office looks. Geo Berry Cessy blue creates drama when paired up with Stella false eyelashes. These 3 tones blue circle lenses appear outstanding against both light and dark colored eyes.

Read the review to find out what other products have been used to create the above elegant look.

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