Friday, 6 February 2015

Korean Ulzaang Blue Lenses: Geo Xtra Plum Blue + Stella Pointed Eye Lashes

Geo Xtra Plum blue circle lenses are natural looking dolly lenses. They brighten up your eyes and look totally mesmerizing against brown eyes. These blue circle lenses are vivid but when worn with makeup they subtle down to ensure soft & natural gazes. The floral pattern makes Geo Xtra Plum blue look divine. The pattern also helps adding a touch of youth & happiness to your eyes.

Geo Xtra Plum blue lenses are captivating blue lenses. They give you that "Korean Ulzaang Look" without being over-whelming. Furthermore, to ensure you look just like an Ulzaang; wear Stella Pointed 5112 false eyelashes. They are light weight & natural. They make your eyes look large and pretty. 

Read complete review about how to get into Korean Ulzaangs makeover with Stella 5112 lashes & Geo Xtra Plum blue

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