Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Apple White Doll Video Makeup Tutorial using Dolly Eye Blytheye Blue

And the Legacy continues..

Apple White was launched in 2013 as an addition in the Royal family of Snow White. Apple white, like her mother Snow White is fairest of the all, charming, optimistic, generous & kind. She boasts skin as white as snow & lips as red as roses. Nonetheless, unlike her mother she lacks ebony short hair & brown eyes. Apple White instead sports deep blue eyes & flaunts blonde curls. This however increases her fears of rejection from masses for being a blonde snow white. Sophie; our talented Makeup Artist explains in her video tutorial below how to create edgy lips & skin like Apple White.

Apple White Makeup Tutorial

Apple White Makeup: Preparing Face

  1. First of all prepare your skin for makeup. Pull of a sheet from Skin79 10 seconds mask. Spread over face to provide daily nutrition

Makeup Steps

Apple White Doll Makeup Video Tutorial

  1. Put on Dolly Eye Blytheye blue circle lenses
  2. Apply foundation using a sponge. Sponge helps masking your pores and ensures porcelain skin that is flawless & neat just like Snow White
  3. Do your brows, preferably brown. Remember, Apple White is a blonde?
  4. Apply eye primer. Pick a shade of silver- grey eye shadow and apply. Work on to blend. Create an eye crease using a shade of the same family but 2 tones darker.
  5. Apply the same shade below your lower lash line. Apply black eye liner. You can use Solone Role switching liquid eye liner for a precise line.
  6. Curl your lashes & apply Solone Captivating Dolly mascara
  7. Apply false eyelashes.
  8. Apply a dash of pink blusher to create an illusion of rosy cheeks
  9. Using a lip pencil create thin sharp lips and apply red gloss for a plum effect.
  10. Accessorize yourself accordingly.

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