Thursday, 12 February 2015

Let Others Enjoy Star-Gazing in your Eyes: I.Fairy Star Lenses in Violet

If celestial bodies, galaxies & milky way are something that interest you; you would like to try a pair of I.Fairy Star violet lenses. I.Fairy Star violet lenses are vivid and of course are not natural looking circle lenses. These circle lenses are fit for out going jolly personalities who would always admire to live in the limelight. 

I.Fairy Star violet circle lenses have a huge 16.2mm diameter thus they enlarge your eyes for a real dolly look. Since these circle lenses are very dark in color, they would not make an overwhelming appearance against dark brown eyes. Unlike other violet lenses they blend in efficiently and do not stand out unless you are under bright lights. The star pattern thus remains unnoticed in most cases. Nonetheless the sparkle they add is an immediate satisfaction. 

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