Friday, 6 February 2015

Be an Ulzaang with Black Wig: Valentine Vincent Wig A

This might be an exaggeration but we tend to believe that no one can pull off black as nicely as Ulzaangs do. Black sleek shiny hair that have been straightened out and brown circle lenses really give you those fanciful & whimsical Asian looks. Valentine Vincent cosplay wig A is jet black with soft & smooth hair fiber. The wig is long and is elegant enough to be worn daily. 

Valentine Vincent Cosplay wig A is thick and has front bangs with an angular-cut. The bangs need to be trimmed before the first wear so that it suits the way you want it to. This intense black long cosplay wig is light weight even though it is 100cm long. It does not tangle easily but definitely needs care & maintenance. 

Courtesy of Miu Miu blog

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