Friday, 6 February 2015

Big Dolly Eyes: I.Fairy Ryusei Blue & Stella Double Flex False Lashes

Sometimes being bold and gorgeous is all you need. I.Fairy Ryusei blue lenses when worn with Stella double Flex 8945 false lashes give you that damn hot pair of gorgeous eyes. These blue circle lenses are strongly pigmented-nearly opaque. They cover your dark eye color beneath & make them look lavish blue. 

I.Fairy Ryusei blue contact lenses sport a linear design that helps making your eyes look elongated. They are definitely dramatic blue lenses and are perfect for spectacular looks. I.Fairy Ryusei blue lenses are 16.2 mm so expect a huge enlargement effect. 

The above paragraphs are essence of I.Fairy Ryusei blue lenses review provided by "Sweet Angel Cosplay"

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