Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Are There Any Potential Risks in Wearing Circle Lenses?

Yes & no- The answer is simple. Circle lenses should not pose any threats provided they are approved by FDA. FDA approved circle lenses are engineered under strict health standards in state of the art labs that ensure risk free crisp vision.

Tinted circle contact lenses are used for both vision problems and for cosmetics. It is illegal in United States to purchase circle lenses without a valid prescription. In order for safe wear & fitting, it is mandatory to follow the lens care instructions. In certain cases, circle lenses might be uncomfortable such as in dry eyes syndrome. Circle lenses are also reported to induce strain on eyes in people spending long hours in working on computers. However, by trial & error with different brands of circle lenses; one might find a perfect match to his/her eyes.

Circle lenses that are made from silicone hydro gel material are noted to keep eyes comfortable as they retain moisture level in eyes whilst allowing maximum oxygen transmission.

Circle Lenses Health Risks

  1. Since everything comes with pros and cons, circle lenses that are FDA approved do have risks factors involved which cannot be out ruled.
  2. Circle lenses should never be brought into contact with water or saliva. Always use multi-purpose disinfectant.
  3. Circle lenses should be handled carefully as FDA classifies them as medical devices.
  4. Circle lenses should not be worn when sleeping, should not be worn under strong radiations & should be avoided at salons & beaches.
  5. Circle lenses should never be swapped or exchanged with friends. Always keep them confined to yourself.
  6. Do not fall for cheap over the counter contact lenses that are being sold at internet @US $10. Circle lenses usually cost $22 & up-anything lower than this should ring the bell for you. Always check the brand certifications before choosing a mate for your eyes.

Millions of people around the world wear circle lenses & fortunately only a few cases of circle lens related ocular damage are reported each year. If you are mature enough to take care of your contacts & eyes, it is safe to assume that branded FDA approved circle lenses won’t be any dangerous.

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