Wednesday, 25 February 2015

3 Things to Consider when Wearing Circle Lenses in a Party

Party is all about fun, mega thrill & excitement. During a crazy get together of friends you need to watch your steps especially if you are wearing circle lenses. Circle lenses are medical devices and yes! Enough of the hammering has already been done on this subject. Though FDA approved circle lenses are safe to wear, they call out for attention & careful handling. Ignoring the precautions given below might cost you lifetime vision loss or corneal damage

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol makes you feel dizzy & hazy. Having rounds of alcohol can cause tripping & dozing. To avoid accidental naps with circle lenses it is best advised to put them off when you are about to begin the alcoholic sessions. Circle lenses should not be worn when you sleep as it deprives oxygen needs which may lead to gross ocular injuries in unfortunate cases.

Watch out! Party Poppers!

Courtesy: DarlingDozen.tumblr
Friends are crazy, they bump & jump! Unfortunately they even dump! Be careful when you are in a party where fanatic lads and lasses are willing to cross any limits to merry. Party poppers contain air pressure, strings & components that must not be used directly around people, animals & near fire places. If you notice your friends going lunatic with confetti & poppers; take care of yourself & move away. The confetti if gets into eyes mistakenly can mess with circle lenses. The tiny glittery particles can adhere to the circle lenses, cause scratches and tear them in the eyes. This may lead to corneal abrasions & vision loss.

Ditch the BBQ Grill

The smoke from BBQ and grill is not strong enough to melt your circle lenses but it can cause blurred vision. Smoke can irritate the eyes as the other environmental factors such as spices, onion fumes and coal pieces etc can disturb the lens adhesion. Don’t roam about the BBQ grills & fire places to help saving your eyes when wearing circle lenses.


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