Sunday, 1 September 2013

Celebrity Gossip: Kim Karadashian Goes Green & Blue Eyes

Kim Karadashian was spotted experimenting with different shades of green and blue color contact lenses some time back in March; as reported by the US magazine.

Karadashian’s natural eye color is medium brown which she loves to fake through color contact lenses. Her exotic facial features with those die for high cheek-bones and high nose bridge create an amazing emphasis on her eyes.

Trying different color contact lenses on the set of a shoot; she exclaimed, “It was so cool seeing how different I looked with each color!"

In the pictures posted on her blog she is seen wearing a cobalt blue top with aqua color contact lenses; and in a separate photo she is gazing up seductively with olive color contact lenses accentuated by emerald green blouse and a gold necklace. The color contact lenses looked so natural on her almost-naked eyes just with the exception of thick eye liner which she loves to wear in her daily routine.

Kim also tried pale blue and natural brown color contact lenses. What color do you think look best on her eyes against her sun-kissed skin?

Kim Karadashian is not the only to fake eyes with color contact lenses but there is a big list of celebrities who seem to love color contacts. From Paris Hilton to Angelina Julie and even Caucasian celebrities; you can find here what color contact lenses do they wear to enhance their eyes.

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