Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Huge Dolly Eyes with Blue Circle Lenses

Blue circle lenses are vibrant and joyful to wear. It creates sheer magic and let you look impressive. I Fairy Cara Blue Circle Lenses have a neat pattern which more falls to the darker side of blue.

." These are opaque hence; very noticeable  The light yellow tint makes your eyes look bright and shiny. With these big eye contact lenses you are able to get big dolly eyes without putting extra efforts in applying eye makeup. They are Super comfortable! I don't think I've owned an I.fairy lens that wasn't comfortable. A really reliable brand in general. The lenses fit comfortably and there wasn't any awkward "moving" feeling and my eyes never got dry. For long wear times (5-8 hours) I would still suggest using eyedrops anyways though"

These thoughts were shared by a customer in her review of I.Fairy cara blue circle lenses.