Saturday, 14 November 2015

Super Simple Everyday Ulzaang Makeup: GEO HC244 Grang Grang Brown

"Ah, the Grang Grang Bang Brown lens are my new favorite brown lens.  The color is a bit lighter than my natural brown eyes and the design makes the color blend look seamlessly.  The diameter is only 14.2mm so it doesn't have a lot of an enlarging effect but it is the perfect size for my tiny eyes. :) They do have a larger version of the lens, which is 14.8mm if you like a more effective enlargement.  The lens are comfortable and I can wear them for about eight hours without having my eyes feeling irritated, just like any other GEO lens I've tried.  These lens life span is a full year which makes them even more awesome. :)  I do recommend these lens if you're looking for a natural pair of brown lens"

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