Thursday, 26 November 2015

Be a Cute Monster Wearing Kigurumi Onesie Monster & I.Fairy Black Lenses

I.Fairy Pearl black lenses are huge dolly eye black lenses. The enlargement effect is all that catches your attention. These lenses are plain and intense black. They blend in nicely and mask the original eye color. They make your eyes look larger, and cuter than ever. I.Fairy Pearl black lenses deliver casual looks that are close to your natural profile. For building up a soft & Kawaii self, wear these lenses with Kigurumi Onsesie Monster at your lazy Sundays. 

Onsesie Monster Kigurumi is soft, made from fleece fabric that keeps you warm and comfy. It has a monstrous hoodie to cover your head and ears perfectly during the windy evenings of winter. This kigurumi ensures mobility and convenience.  Read detailed reviews here

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