Thursday, 12 November 2015

Tailored Synthetic Wig Styling FAQs

Synthetic wigs are easier at your pocket and maintenance. Since they come with a factory-made style you need not to panic about styling them every day. Unless you decide to permanently change the style of your synthetic wigs by heat-treating them such as in ironing or hot-curling, the style will more or less remain the same throughout the life of the wig. Maintenance of the synthetic wigs depend on the style they bear. You cannot handle your long and straight wigs the same way you handle your short & curly wigs. Read below to learn tailored wig styling tips.

How to Style a Short & Curly Wig?
A curly wig with logs of kinky or tight curls does not need to be combed. Combing will loosen the fibers and leaves your curly wig messy. Simply shaking your wig gently and soft short strokes using fingers in upward motions will do.

How to Style a Layered Wig?
Wig with short or long layers should be styled carefully. Using a pic comb separate the selections of the wig and flick them out. Continue coming through pic comb until you think that the desired style has been achieved.

How to Style Ringlet Rolls & Curls?
Wigs with ringlets need utmost care. Keep them soft or ringlets will go messy. Occasionally spritz them from at an appropriate distance using a wig softener. Do not use styling sprays or mousses. Comb them using a wig comb and style rings using fingers.

How to Style a Straight & Long Wig?
It is easiest to style long wigs. Combing them using a simple wig comb will be just fine. It is convenient to keep them braided or tied in a bun as this way they will tangle less.

Never use alcohol-based products on your synthetic wigs. Alcohol destroys the plastic fibers and rips them out of their luster. Also avoid using a brush because it causes more than necessary friction that leave your wigs frizzy & disheveled.

Remember; keep your wig’s styles effortless as they tend to look more natural. Sometimes a wig only needs random swishing. Don’t ruin your day looking too wiggy. Keep it simple, keep it natural!

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