Tuesday, 10 November 2015

3 Reasons Skin79 BB Cream is better than your Foundation

Even though there are fewer choices in BB creams, they are far better than your regular foundation. Skin79 BB cream is several steps ahead than a foundation. It can be confusing to discriminate between various options of makeup from foundation to concealer, tinted moisturizer & the latest trend BB creams. BB cream is actually a skin care product infused with SPF that ensures light to medium coverage. Even with all the limitations a BB cream is considered a multi-purpose miraculous product that seems to wrap up dozens of other products.

1.Ethereal Coverage

Skin79 BB cream provides ethereal coverage. It stays light on your skin & does not clog pores. Unlike foundation, it does not only provide coverage but tend to directly deal with the skin’s imperfections. A regular foundation may leave your skin flakey or cakey. Sometimes foundation highlight imperfections such as enhanced appearance of large pores. At such an awkward moment, BB cream is beneficial. The special ingredients & medium viscosity of the product keeps it buildable. It hides minor acne marks, spots, and redness whilst keeping the coverage light & air-fresh. Skin79 BB cream also oxidizes to match your skin tone whereas a foundation is a complete failure here.

2.Skin Care Benefits

Sometimes only a BB pact is enough- it is almost a BB cream in cake form
Skin79 BB cream contains all organic products that vow to keep your skin healthy, firm & youthful. Before purchasing a BB cream; one should take serious notes of the ingredients used. Not every BB cream is legit. Beauty authors opine that some BB creams are just the glorious & advanced formulations of a tinted moisturizer. A legit BB cream for instance Skin79 BB cream comes with SPF benefits, multi-vitamins, anti-ageing & skin-whitening properties.

3.Budget Friendly

A foundation cannot do the wonders alone.  A BB cream however can take your beauty ahead. Unlike regular foundation, BB cream does not require you to prep your face with moisturizer, primer and or concealer. A legit BB cream coming from Korea will be sufficient to achieve a smooth & velvety-satin matte finish. Include Skin79 BB cream in your makeup routine & make your dressing table spacious for jewelry & other accessories.

Skin79 BB creams are famous for their mighty benefits. They provide coverage, conceal imperfections and make your face radiate with a dewy finish. A BB cream offers uncountable benefits over a foundation yet one should note that it cannot tackle just every skin issue. You might want to mix and match your BB cream with Skin79 CC cream/ BB pact for color correction & for setting your makeup respectively.

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