Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Warm Blonde Eli Ayase Wig & I.Fairy Miss Fluffy Blue Lenses

Blondes are known for the warm hair color and cold eyes. I.Fairy Miss Fluffy blue circle lenses give your eyes an enticing blue hint yet natural enough to be noticed subtly. Eli Ayase wig with a fancy hair style catches fair share of attention for you. The wig has a curly pony tail at the back that adds a glamorous touch to your personality. 

I.Fairy Miss Fluffy blue are 3 tones blue circle lenses with an enlargement effect of 16.2mm. These lenses are somewhat opaque so people with dark brown eyes can get benefited. check out product reviews of Eli Ayase cosplay wig & I.Fairy Fluffy Miss blue circle lenses by Anzu. 

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