Monday, 16 November 2015

Kawaii Kigurumi: Animal Cartoon Outfits

Kigurmi is a combination of two words that means “wearing a stuffed toy”. It is pronounced as “"Key y our ou me." Kigurumi outfits are actually one piece adult pajamas that are often represented as a brand mascot. At the same time; kigurumi Pajamas are getting attention & making its way to lead Japanese street fashion “Harajaku”.

What is Kigurumi Made of?

Kigurumi Pajamas are made of light-weight fleece or heavier looped cotton. We deal in fleece kigurumi that are perfect to keep you warm. They prevent you from cold winter evenings.
They come with a front zipper or otherwise fastened with buttons. These adult onesies feature designs from farm animals to forest & cartoon animal characters. Depending on the design they may come with an attached tail and a hood that is similar to the head of the specific animal-character. Kigurumi do not come with attached feet, but you can always purchase matching feet separately.

What to Wear inside with Kigurumi PJs?

If you are wearing your favorite PJs to add convenience & comfort to your everyday style or lazy holidays; you can wear anything inside. However; if on the other-hand you opt to wear it in a convention or out in the streets; you would want to wear at least a top tank beneath. Since the buttons are placed at a distance, your skin may flash a bit; which of course will not be a good sight.

Kigurumi Pajamas are available in different sizes. However; keep in mind they fit best when they are baggy. Adult sizes often fits everyone who is over 5ft tall; but you still can go for different available size options from small to medium, large and extra-large.

Slipping in to warm & cuddly Kigurumi has become a street-fashion not only in Japan but also across United States. They are available in various colors from a spikey crocodile to cute domestic moo-moo and childish cartoon character Pooh. In short; there is a Kigurumi for everyone on earth regardless of the age-bracket, you fall in. They always facilitate mobility, ensure sound-sleep & add a kawaii touch to your closet. 

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