Saturday, 14 November 2015

Be a Japanese Doll using Barbie Sugar Candy Pink & Koizumi Hanayo Cosplay Wig

Koizumi Hanayo cosplay wig is a beautiful timeless blonde bob. The wig features soft & satin tresses with angular bangs that need minimal trimming. The wig is adorably thick that ensures enough room for trimming in case you find it overly voluminous for your self. It provides almost natural looks that are perfect for school, and or for Gyaru transformations. 

The wig looks heavenly when paired with Barbie Sugar Candy pink lenses. The lenses boast outer translucent black ring where as the pink pattern is kind-of translucent too. The pupil hole is big enough to let your original color peep through. They however; blend in naturally and don;t scream too pink. Find out review and pictures here

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