Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Town Talk: SweetyCon- Scintillating Bright Circle Lenses

Let your eyes do the talking. Sweetycon soft contact lenses have just made a flashy arrival that aim to create an illusion of bigger eyes. They softly accentuate human iris by adding a subtle sparkle along with ensuring a glossy sheen to your peepers.

Sweety Nudy Ice Pink
Sweety Nude Ice Green

Sweetycon boast eight different series of colored lenses under its belt. From translucent to opaque hues; Sweetycon circle lenses strive to spruce up your style statement. They add depth & dimensions to your eyes for doe-shaped dolly eyes. The brand excels in creating lovely entwinement of multiple tints. From lighter & shrill to pigmented & strong hues; Sweetycon lenses always deliver youthful shine that spell bountiful big & daring eyes.

Sweety Rainbow Blue
Sweety Milky Grey

The brand offers both cold & warm hues to meet the needs of light & dark eyes. With 14.5mm diameter & 40% water content, circle lenses under this brand vow to stay comfortable in your eyes whilst keeping eyes moist. The manufacturer draws its inspirations from the Mother Nature where the fusion of multiple hues create an ecstatic collage. The manufacturer is certified by CE, KFDA and ISO that mark the lenses safe to wear. Sweetycon circle lenses blend in naturally & are perfect for every one looking for a subtle yet classy big eye look.

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  1. Do you have any pictures of those lens with dark eyes? I have dark brown eyes and I don't know I will look fine with those :-(
    Thank you!

    1. We have a large variety of lenses for brown eyes. Please have a look: (copy & paste it)