Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Sarah Hyland wears Blue Contacts: A Brunette with Killer Looks

Contact lenses have now become the first and most sought-after element to bring a huge change in one’s personality. Every now & then we find celebrities sporting contact lenses in order to transform themselves for yet another killer make-over. Sarah Hyland recently appeared in a show wearing opaque & vivid blue contact lenses followed by Salena Gomez.

From dyeing hair to unusual colors & altering the hair length abruptly; celebrities are often observed manipulating their appearance at a whim. Fortunately; those who sport contact lenses to bring a change, risk no regrets in life- because, with circle lenses; there is nothing lethally permanent. Sara Hyland was spotted wearing incandescent bright blue lenses that completely had masked her original hazel colored eyes. The brunette never fails to impress the fans. Her dirty brown wavy tresses draw attention towards her hazel-green peepers. However, in a recent event she was snapped wearing a Halloween outfit with a black thick bob wig. She flaunted vivid blue circle contacts that made a spectacular debut against jet black outfit & silky locks.

Hyland ensured to hypnotize the fans with her striking blue contacts. Looks like blue eyes are going to be the next fashion trend? Blue contact lenses have been poured on quite much love & endorsements already by hot-celebrities. Earlier this year Kim Kardashian experimented with neon blue contacts followed by Sarah Hyland & Salena Gomez.

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