Thursday, 12 November 2015

How to Style a Short & Curly Synthetic Wig

Much has already been written about styling long wigs. In despair about our tangled long wigs we forget the beauty short & curly wigs can ensure for us. Styling begins with brushing your wig gently;-be it a long or a short. Brushing wakes-up the wig fibers that might have flattened over the period of the time.

Boost Volume
Short synthetic wigs especially with tight curls need volume to appeal. Brush it using short uplifting strokes to create an illusion of thickness. For wigs with ringlet curls, use sophisticated finger strokes to maintain the rings or a pic comb.

Create a Pompadour
Synthetic wigs that are short & curly fascinate when are styled upwards with a noticeable height. To create a pompadour; style it backwards and then dress the fibers in the desired direction. This will eventually adorn your short wig with a chic street-style.

Setting your Style
Only use synthetic wig spray and that too with moderation. Too much of the synthetic wig spray would leave product build-up decreasing the life of your wig. For a softer & natural setting keep the spray at the distance of 6inches from your wig and direct it towards the roots whilst stroking the fibers from the other hand. This will keep the roots firm at the style whereas the ends will have more liberty to roam for a breezy style.

If you want your wig to stay in the same style throughout the day you created; you can switch to the conventional mode of hair-spraying. Keep the spray can at the distance of 12 inches and spray all over. Don’t comb your wig when it is wet.

Revitalize your Style

If you are satisfied with the style of your wig; you only need to revitalize it. Spritz it lightly using a wig conditioner or stroke the fibers softly using fingers. You are all set to flutter with your sassy & swishy curls!

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