Saturday, 7 November 2015

New Line of Uniqso Circle Lenses make your Eyes Shine like Anime

Uniqso has just recently launched a new line of circle lenses that aim to make your eyes shine like anime protagonists. Anime & manga characters are known for their wide, bold and awakened big eyes. Women around the globe fancy sparkling anime eyes. Circle lenses have been helping women to create an illusion of anime-inspired gorgeous eyes that are infused with a subtle shimmer. Sweetycon circle lenses by Uniqso offers a wide range of big eye lenses with each series bringing out the different aspects of your beauty. Celestial circle lenses by Sweety are promising to illuminate your eyes with anime-inspired twinkle.

Celestial Grey

Celestial Brown

Celestial circle lenses are available in two pretty subdued shades of grey & brown. They boast more than three tones that blend-in naturally and make your eyes look eccentric. The soft fusion of several tones along with the celestial pattern help enlarging your eyes sophistically. The hues are natural that draw emphasis towards the twinkling pattern.

Sweety Celestial circle lenses are 14.2mm lenses with 40% water content. They are perfect for sensitive eyes as they claim to keep your eyes hydrated because of the high water percentage. These lenses have small pupil opening thus are perfect for both light & dark colored eyes. They offer similar striking effects that are also provided by newly released manga inspired Japanese circle lenses.

Get bright & charming innocent big eyes that adds freshness to your entire personality with Sweety Celestial series of circle lenses by Uniqso. 

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