Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Back to School with New Pair of Contact Lenses: Safety Check for Everyone.

As the new semester begins, students are back to school with fresh supplies from sports physicals to stationery & a new eye exam. Teens around the globe find it more convenient to wear contact lenses than glasses as contact-lenses don’t hurt their appearance. School students resist wearing glasses because of the fear of being ridiculed. As per experts; contact lenses are more handy & cost-effective than the other counterpart i.e. glasses. Rejoining school brings lots of excitement from meeting friends to sharing lunch & exchanging the goods with each other. This is the point, where parents & teachers must come-forward to reinforce that contact lenses should never be a part of the game.

Though contact lenses come with their own reservations; they are the most acceptable mode for vision correction. Anyone can wear circle contacts irrespective of the age bracket they fall in. Doctors suggest kids over 8 years can safely wear them. As a food for thought; age actually has nothing to do with wearing contact lenses. If a person is mature & “responsible” enough to take diligent care of contacts; they can safely wear circle lenses. It is said that teens are considered far more responsible in cleaning & disinfecting their contacts than adults. Adults become more casual with their contacts and take the entire regimen for granted whereas young newbies are more concerned & careful about the things they have been freshly introduced to. Unfortunately, teens love to share & swap everything. This is why, as they rejoin the school; they must be reminded about contact lenses’ safety considerations. Contact lenses are personal medical devices even if they are not prescription. They should never be shared, swapped or resold once they are used.

Contact lenses are favored by students as they allow better peripheral vision, management with the changing weather & liberty to mobilize. Furthermore, they are cheaper than glasses even if you purchase them with the option of premium features such as UV intercepting contacts or hydrogel that ensure maximum oxygen transmission. Above all; with daily disposable lenses you can cut the cost dramatically to only $1 per day without having to take care of them. Go back to school with a fresh pair of contact lenses; just be considerate enough to prove yourself a responsible & mature student!

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