Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Skin79 BB Cushions: The Next Generation BB Cream

Skin79 BB cushion is your same favorite formula of the BB cream but in a novel packaging. BB cushion or air-cushion is a compact form of BB cream offering a polyurethane applicator puff. The specialty of the Skin79 BB pumping cushion is the puff soaked into BB cream that ensures ethereal and light weight touch-ups. Skin79 pumping BB cushion is known for it being spill-proof, light-weight & portable.

The impeccable, spotless and wrinkle-free porcelain texture of Korean women characterize them. Though Korean women are very touchy about their diet & skin care; Korean cosmetics with wide range of products each dealing with a separate skin concern plays a pivotal role in their translucent skin tone. BB creams & CC creams are Korean’s go-to foundation that conceals skin imperfections & make your skin radiate with a healthy glow. To achieve similar Korean-like, air-brushed makeup-look, these innovative BB pumping cushions are good to fill the gap between the two founding pillars of Korean makeup.

Skin79 BB cushions are convenient & handy. The compact size keeps them portable. The sponge applicator and the air-pump ensures just the right amount of the product you require for a decent & lighter-than-air finish. Unlike regular puffs, the special polyurethane sponge does not suck your cream thus it will never bleed out the excess product- This is how, Korean women wears almost naked “no makeup look” even when they are actually wearing lots of layered makeup including serums, moisturizer & BB cream etc.

Skin79 BB pumping cushions boast all the same skin perfecting formula. The only difference is the convenience that has made them hot-selling & favorite beauty product of the busy women. They are not going to replace the conventional BB creams but only to add to the convenience. Get the duo at 14% off now.

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