Thursday, 19 November 2015

Is there any Difference between Onesie & a Kigurumi?

Onesie or Kigurumi are almost the same costumes. Onesie is a common name for an adult jumpsuit that is usually either made up of cotton of fleece fabric. Kigurumi is a specific name of these unisex pajamas that are available in various designs but all ranging from cartoon characters or animals that are considered adorable. Since a Kiguurmi is always a representation of a character, they are called “costume outfits”. Kigurumi is basically a lounge-wear or a sleepwear, but it is now taking a form of street fashion in United States.

Kigurumi costume outfits are available in various sizes. They are loose & baggy, featuring a hood & a low crotch. These adorable pajamas are good to replace your boring holiday PJs. They add fun to your life and add adventure if you are daring enough to walk-in your office wearing the cute onesies. The best thing about this Kawaii costume is yet to be discussed here- Kigurumi does not discriminate between the sexes. They are often one size fits all that compliments both the sexes.

Kigurumi are warm snugly one-piece jumpsuits for adults that do not come with the feet but you can always buy them separately to match your costume. This is why Kigurumi costumes are perfect to sizzle your hot nights. Couple Kigurumi allows you two to look one- the mirror image of each other that draws you both closer even more.

Miley Cyrus in Kigurumi

Kiguurmi or onesie is not only something confined to the privacy of your home. Celebrities love to flaunt these adorable cute Japanese costumes whilst making public appearances.  So what are you waiting for? Grab a mug of coffee, slip into your favorite warm kigurmi & snuggle with your better half to combat chilled winter evenings.

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