Monday, 9 November 2015

Anti-Aging & Brightening Skin79 Hydro Gel Masks with Snail Extracts

Snail mucus is known for its anti-aging properties. Golden snail extracts are beneficial in restoring elasticity & keeping skin firm & glowing. Snail extracts replenish dry skin; especially in winter when you need immense moisture with additional benefits of serum. Skin79 Snail Nutrition hydrogel face masks reduce wrinkle formation, improve skin texture, brighten complexion & even out the skin tone by clearly wiping off redness, spots & acne-marks.

Snail Nutrition hydrogel masks are usual cotton sheet masks that adheres to your facial curves in order to provide deep treatment. The sheet mask composed of two piece cotton masks that are soaked in snail mucus filtrate. These hydrogel masks remove fine lines & forms a protective barrier against daily environmental aggression. Skin79 hydrogel masks are soothing & calming to burnt & stressed skin. The hydrogel along with snail mucin extracts and other organic components such as Red ginseng, 24K gold & sea swallow’s nest ensure soft, smooth and lustrous texture.

Skin79 Snail Nutrition face masks provides intense moisture that make your skin appear younger and fresh. The anti-aging properties make this a miraculous Korean skin care product that takes care of loose & dry skin for optimum skin benefits.

Benefits in a Glimpse
  1. Naturally radiant skin
  2. Youthful & fresh skin texture
  3. Immense hydration
  4. Restores elasticity
  5. Deeply nourish

How to Apply:
Take out the two-piece sheet mask soaked in snail mucus filtrate. Adjust the upper and lower sheets on the face. Lightly pat for the maximum absorption of hydrogel into skin tissues. Spread the gel using a brush and let it rest for 20-30 minutes. For maximum benefits; use it along with Snail Nutrition Cleansing foam.

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