Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Hydrogel Sheet Masks: Regain the Lost Vitality with a Single Sheet Mask

Korean cosmetic industry is prolific. Credit goes to Korean women who are obsessed with skin care. They take the skin business seriously and apply a dozen of products from serums to essences, moisturizers & even sheet masks on daily basis. In South Korea, it is rare to walk by a drugstore with a cart free of sheet masks. Sheet masks come in three varieties from paper mask to cotton & new in trend i.e. “Hydro-gel masks”. Hydro-gel masks excel in locking the moisture. They boast rare & luxurious ingredients with exclusive formulae that restores hydration & elasticity.

Since sheet masks are quick at problem solving and are good at addressing a number of skin issues, these incredible one-time pat & toss masks are now gaining popularity even in the western mainstream markets. The newly introduced hydro-gel sheet masks are better than its counterpart paper & cotton sheet masks. The latter two are sheets soaked in serum & essences whereas the former mask is known not because of the elixirs it is soaked in but the sheet itself. Hydro-gel sheets are slimy sheets, soaked into the concentrated dozes of active ingredients. They ensure that nothing gets in between the mask & your skin whilst you are undergoing the treatment. Unlike other masks, Hydro-gel sheet masks stay moist for upto 40 minutes.

Hydro-gel sheet masks are aimed at treating the burn victims. They are an excellent first-aid remedy for sunburn therefore. Trans-dermal technology allows instant & deep penetration of ingredients in Hydro-gel sheet masks. As a result you get clearer, brighter & supple skin texture. They can be a bit expensive than your regular cotton or paper sheet masks because of the rare ingredients such as 24K gold, snail extracts & red ginseng as in Skin79 Hydro-gel masks.

It can be confusing for a beginner to start her skin care journey the Korean way because of innumerable options available. Though there is not a single beauty product which could gain trust of Korean women solely; sheet masks are something of great reliability. To give your skin rituals a kick-start; get breakthrough Skin79 Hydro-gel face masks today.

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