Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Don’t Take Second Chance with your Contact Lenses-CDC Warns Customers

Contact lenses are the most comfortable medical devices that could ever happen to you. They are not only sight-saving devices but also serve to accentuate your peepers. Unfortunately, almost all of the contact lens wearers knowingly adopt the careless attitude towards their eyes and contacts. Even your inexpensive tooth brush comes with an expiry tag. Then why take a second chance with contact lenses? Ophthalmologists reinforce to follow contactlens care tips & strictly warn against taking them for granted.

When in Doubt, Take Out

If you are already habitual of wearing contact lenses, it won’t take you long to discriminate between the discomforts caused by wearing flawed circle lenses or by something that got trapped in eyes. The easy way is to take your contacts out whenever in doubt. Don’t give second thoughts- just take your contacts out when random & swift blinking does not help.

Remember the Date you replaced your Contact Lens Case?

If your brain can’t help you reminding the time you changed your contact lens case, it is time to do it now. Contact lens cases are the actual breeding bed of germs. They harbor germs and create a slimy layer of living bacteria. Your old & grimed contact lens cases may transfer the accumulating bacteria to your contact lenses. This is why doctors suggest to replace your cases every 3 months or to sterilize them in case you fail to grab a new case.

Consider No Alternate for Physical Eye Exams
There is no alternate to an actual eye test. Though some online eye exams are now available, the efficacy is yet under consideration. Don’t risk your vision; visit your doctor once annually. A thorough eye checkup does not only keep a check on your vision impairment but also is a good way to rule out the chances of any contact lens hidden injuries. There is no substitute to your eye care professional services. Schedule it today!

Sleepy? Take your Contacts OUT

Sleeping in contact lenses is never a legit excuse. Contact lenses deprive eyes from the sufficient oxygen supply. Sleeping in contacts further make it worse. If you are dizzy or strained it is better to take your circle lenses out. Remember, no second chances?

Cheap Contact Lenses Deal? Give No Second Thought

Don’t fall for too-good-to-be-true kind of cheap contact lens deals. An average pair of regular circle lenses should vary between US$19 to US$25. Anything cheaper than this should ring the bells for you. Cheaper contact lenses are substandard, sourced from China contacts that can be lethal for the rest of your life.

It is a customer’s duty to maintain high health standards after purchasing FDA approved lenses. Respect your hard earned money and the only set of your eyes. You don’t want to waste any of these blessings, do you?

The above suggestions are brought to you by CooperVision in collaboration with CDC.

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